2018 Schüller Kitchen Brochure
Made in Germany

High Gloss Kitchens

High gloss kitchens give a sleek, stylish, modern look to your room. Schüller have 6 ranges of high gloss lacquered doors, giving many options of styles and colours to choose from. They span from Price Group 1 up to Price Group 6 and the selection includes shaker style, slab doors and curved units. Kitchens with a high gloss slab door look stunning handleless as it accentuates the clean lines and reflective finish, whereas the shaker style mixes the modern gloss kitchen with the more traditional style of door and can be perfectly finished with a simple handle.

When you think of high gloss kitchens, you may picture just white or ivory, but Schüller’s ‘Fino’ range comes in high gloss lava black and a gorgeous high gloss indigo blue, as well as the classic neutral shades. Mixing the colours within the room can have a stunning effect too – for example, the island unit could be a different door colour to the wall and base units in the rest of the kitchen…be bold with your design for a kitchen as unique as you are.

Here’s the science bit : Schüller’s high gloss lacquered door fronts are produced using a number of processes. The doors are manufactured using MDF sandwiched between two layers of styrene-free polyester filler which is then coated with a two-component PUR (polyurethane resin) high gloss lacquer. This process makes them highly durable with brilliant colour and a rich, soft finish.