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International award winning design, exceptional quality and an affordable price from one of the largest international kitchen exporters and one of the top five kitchen manufacturers in the world. It can only be… Schüller!

Schüller offers an industry-leading range of top quality fronts with more than 300 different designs to suit your style and budget and, what’s more, a Schüller Kitchen gives you fantastic flexibility. Units can be made deeper or shallower, taller or shorter. The side of the units can be finished to match the front, no side panelling is needed and worktop heights can be tailored to your requirements.

With a massive investment in modern, sustainable manufacturing technology, Schüller keep costs down. There is no distributor or middle men, just you, us and the factory in Germany…

People come in all shapes and sizes making flexibility of vital importance to any kitchen designer. Schüller offer an massive range of unit sizes, allowing a designer to tailor any kitchen exactly to the requirements of its user.

Five different plinth heights from 10 to 20 cm and two different base unit heights of 71,5 or 78 cm to choose from, allow working heights between 85,4 and 101,9 cm. The two recess heights in combination with the different wall unit heights offer a variety of individual design possibilities.

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High standards can only be assured if the requirements and standards are controlled regularly. Schuller have created a number of standardised test sequences that guarantee the consistently high quality of Schüller kitchens. They have received certification from a number of independent bodies for their exceptional product quality. And what does this mean for you? Well, it means you can enjoy your kitchen for longer – because Schüller made it! Schüller kitchens quality testing

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